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Welcome to the Sunday Series looking back to 2020 at interviews with musicians, music experts, and experts in music-related fields.

The pandemic was devastating to the music industry. Almost everyone struggled to find ways to stay in touch with their fans and with each other.

JAMS Canada created a a weekly series of interviews with musical artists, recording engineers, music experts as well as experts in other fields asking them to share their insights, expertise, knowledge of the various aspects of the music industry.

We can all learn from each other and the interviews that will be posted weekly for this series contain good, usable information that is still and will continue to always be relevant to artists.

Every week, a link to each article will be posted here below:

Week 1:  Howard Baer Interview – click here

Week 2:  Miss Emily Interview – click here

Photo by Bryce Murdoch

Week 3: Fraser Hardman Interview – click here

Week 4: Tom Leighton Interview – click here

Week 5: Dave Daw (Copyrights) – click here

Dave Daw (Mastering) – click here

Week 6: Debbie Shaw Interview – click here

Week 7:  Stephen Medd Interview – click here

Week 8:  Andy Sparling Interview – click here

Coming Soon:

Week 9:  Joe Callahan

Week 10:  Rick Zimmerman

Week 11:  Stewart Hood

Week 12:  Janet Jarrell