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Women of the World designed by Barb Neri


KEY TAKEAWAYS on International Women’s Day

  1. Angele Arsenault – Acadian Ambassador
  2. Buffy Sainte Marie – Indigenous Awareness
  3. Loreena McKennitt – Mystical Magic
  4. Women of the World
  5. Leaders of The World


International Women’s Day is a day of celebration, inspiring / motivating each other and a day of shout outs to those who have blazed the trails before us.

Therefore, in the spirit of the day, I would like to pay tribute to those who inspired me early on in my music career.  A salute to the Canadian musical artists who inspired me to quit my day job to become a full time singer/songwriter.


Celebrating Women Who Inspire


Acadian Ambassador
Angèle Arsenault

International Women's Day 2021

Angèle Arsenault

My first musical idol in my formative years was Angele Arsenault, my mother’s sister.  She was a bilingual singer and an ambassador for the Acadian culture in Canada. She was joyful, funny, empathetic, and a person who could totally command the attention of her audiences.  In addition, she was a brilliant wordsmith.

Angèle received many awards including the Order of Canada, Gold Hugo, Felix, among many.  Further, she had radio & TV shows, toured nationally & internationally and a wide following in the French music world.


International Women's Day 2021

(There is a star for you, there is a star for each one of us) by Angèle Arsenault


She was one of my biggest encouragers and mentors.  In my youth, I wanted to grow up to be just like “MaTante Angèle”.  I absorbed her songs, her mannerisms on stage and her love for her audience who adored her.

Added to this was the best part – she was the same person on stage as she was behind the scenes.  A truly authentic person.

We were all devastated when cancer took her life in 2014.  Her music lives on as other Acadians continue to sing her songs.


Indigenous Awareness
Buffy Sainte Marie

International Women's Day 2021


As a singer/songwriter, hearing Buffy Sainte Marie’s album “Coincidence and Likely Stories” (1992) was transformational for me.  She was unique, powerful, compelling and her music was and still is, timeless.

Plus, it was a bonus to discover that Buffy & Angèle shared the stage together on many occasions in their early careers.

Some of her most well-known songs are “Universal Soldier” (which won an Academy Award), “Until It’s Time For You To Go”, “Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee”, to name but a few.   

However, for me, it was her “Coincidence and Likely Stories” album that had me riveted and indirectly helped shaped the songwriter I became.  Being authentic, finding my voice, writing & singing about what I knew and who I was.


International Women's Day 2021


I had the joy of hearing her perform live in Charlottetown for PEI 2014 – not only are her songs powerful, but so is she.  You could feel her energy from the stage right from the audience.

Buffy Sainte Marie website:
YouTube documentary:


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Mystical Magic
Loreena McKennitt

International Women's Day 2021

Loreena McKennitt

A magical mystical artist with a haunting voice who fills the senses and moves the soul.  That’s how I would describe Loreena McKennitt’s album “The Mask & Mirror” and how it spoke to my musical muse.

One of the comments on her video by Kurt Hagedorn beautifully captures her diverse musical stylings:

I love how Ms. McKennitt can combine such diverse musical elements: Gregorian chant 2:22, Irish Uilleann Pipes 3:40, the Indian Tamboura 2:55 and Spanish castanets 3:10 into a song that works perfectly.”

International Women's Day 2021

The Mystic’s Dream by Loreena McKennitt


While many were enchanted by Enya, we were mesmerized into the marvellous musical musings of McKennitt.  An accomplished vocalist, pianist, harpist & accordionist, Loreena McKennitt won worldwide acclaim which continues to this day.

On a personal note, when I was first starting out, I admired McKennitt.  She was not only a unique Canadian artist but also a trailblazer in “musicpreneurship” (see my previous blog on musicpreneurs).

In a time of artists chasing record deals, she was doing it her way.

I was impressed with her skills as a business woman and reached out to her for some tips.  Her team generously responded by answering my questions and encouraging me in my career.

I never forgot that.  Here she was, a star blazing a trail and still taking the time to help those who were forging their own path.

I encourage musicians to follow McKennitt’s lead because you can learn a lot to help your own career.  I am grateful to Loreena McKennitt’s team at Quinlan Road for helping me out early on in my music career and want to do the same for others.

Loreena McKennitt:
YouTube:  Mystic’s Dream:


Women of the World

International Women's Day 2021


Finally, I can’t let International Women’s Day go by without sharing my own celebratory song “Women of The World”.  I am sending it out nationally & internationally to all the wonderful women of the world.

Special mention to BPW Canada and BPW International (Business & Professional Women) who embraced my song from the very start.  Thanks to them, Women Of The World is available in English, French, Spanish & Italian (their 4 official languages).


International Women's Day 2021

Women of the World, 2006


Also, shout outs to these fabulous women doing fabulous things for other fabulous women not only on International Women’s Day but every day:

Famous 5 Foundation

Quinte Grannies for Africa

Hello Boss Girl


Leaders of the World

As you celebrate International Women’s Day, go forth & celebrate all the wonderful women of the world – both on a national and international level.

Enjoy this remarkable video of all the women leaders around the world – who knew there were so many!

Watch this video:  Leaders of the World




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