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Welcome to our the first instalment of Monday #MusicMatters as part of the JAMS Canada PRO Series – “Here’s What I Know”.

This is an opportunity for musicians and other “creatives” as well, to learn from professionals who are experts not only in the music industry but also in other supporting industries to help enhance your music business.

Today’s first PRO is One Funny Lady, Deborah Kimmett, on “How To Ask To be Paid and Other Pro Tips“. Have a listen and be prepared to take notes because she can jam a lot of information into her videos. Always great insight & take-away information.

Deborah will be back for another episode she pre-taped called “Pandemic 101 For Musicians”. Stay tuned for that episode in the coming weeks.

Deborah was kind enough to answer a few more questions about promotion & social media on top of creating the video you will find below:

Is there a particular day or the week or time in a day to release post/send e-blast to your fans?

I release a newsletter on Wednesdays for years. It’s called “Wit With Wisdom”. Funny blogs and I sell my shows and writing workshops. I built my list when I went out and did live events. I have let it go a bit over the past year as social media takes over my day.


Should musicians be posting 1x/day or 1x/week or Xx/month?

I took a course yesterday that said once a day, so when you have a gig people are following. Also FB Live announces you are going to perform so more traction than a normal post. BUT don’t give it all away!


How do you think musicians should approach trying to get journalists or bloggers to write about them?

Build relationships with the press On-line and off ( depending on your audience) The press is ON line, and sometimes your biggest fans are better at selling tickets. You need to do all the work for the press person because newspapers are obliterated and one person does a lot of jobs. In other words make it easy for them!

In approximate percentage, how do you divide up your day or your week between being creative, promoting your work, cleaning up your database emails/optimizing your social media sites, etc.

I am a morning person I write every day! I hold the space for my creativity. My theory is don’t give away the day! Do a bit of creating a bit of social media etc. I always do my writing BEFORE any social media.



Deborah Kimmett is an actress, comic, playwright, and author who teaches you how to get past the voice of doubt and into your creative self, seven minutes at a time.

She has an uncanny ability to pull out bubbling creative ideas that swirl around in your brain but can’t find their way out.

Kimmett is an award-winning writer of comedy with literally hundreds of hours of TV and radio writing under her best. She was nominated for a Governor General’s Award for her play Miracle Mother.

Her current projects include “The Dad Show” with Kim Pollard and her new writing workshop, “Map Out Your Life Story” is about how to get your memoirs started.

Find her on her Facebook page and visit her website:


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