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  1. Netflix reality shows can teach you about marketing
  2. Podcasts can help you learn about effective advertising
  3. The Junos remind you about the importance of visuals


What Can Musicians Learn from Netflix, Podcasts & The Junos?

Turns out quite a bit if you know what to look for.  You can turn your down time & your escape time into learning time at the same time by tuning into Netflix, Podcasts & The Junos.



Netflix, podcasts Juno Awards

Genevieve Gorder & Peter Lorimer (hosts, Stay Here)


I watched a Netflix show called “Stay Here” initially to unwind with a show about home improvements for short-term stay homes.  Like most people, I enjoy seeing how the designers turn an ok room into a “WOW!” room with furniture placement, colours, patterns etc.

In this series, the duo hosts include a designer plus a marketer.  Interesting concept with some interesting ideas on how homeowners can improve their marketability to get more clients and in turn, make more money.

What caught my ear was their suggestions on how to create a better online presence.  The more I listened, the more I realized that musicians could learn from some of the expert marketing tips and apply to their music business.

Things like the importance of effectively using hashtags, using Google click ads & hiring professional photographers for example.



Using hashtags creates online gathering places for like-minded people.  For musicians, it is a gathering place for fans to connect with you and with each other.   

Furthermore, fans can also read what music reviewers, media, bloggers are saying about you – all in one spot.  They feel connected, it saves them time and they are quickly brought up to date on all the news about “you’se”.

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I am a huge podcast fan – especially on  long drives.  I have several favourites but one in particular stands out for a lot of reasons.


Podcasts Terry O'Reilly

 Under the Influence Podcast Terry O’Reilly


“Under The Influence” is a Saturday staple for many morning CBC listeners in Canada.  Host Terry O’Reilly is always interesting, impressively knowledgeable as well as totally personable.

His podcast of the same name is my go-to podcast for long drives because I love hearing about the remarkable advertising stories of famous name brands.


Podcast story


But once again, like with Netflix, I realize how much musicians can learn from other disciplines and apply it to their music business.

Host O’Reilly starts every episode with an interesting story before he actually begins the episode.

In Season 10, Episode 10 called “Brand Envy”, O’Reilly starts off the episode with a story about “Keeping Up With The Jones” and, as always,  he finds a way to relate it to the subject matter of the episode including a lesson to be learned.

In this episode, he talks about the Rubick’s Cube, Keneski goalie pads and the origins of BillBoard Magazine.  Who knew that this magazine started out to cover actual billboard ads and eventually included entertainment & gossip then in the 1940s, started featuring the music charts.

There is a Canadian connection:  the hit chart song, “I’ll Never Smile Again”, sung by Frank Sinatra was written by the iconic Canadian songwriter, Ruth Lowe.

It was in the 1960s that Billboard Magazine changed its name to become the music chart bible and measuring stick for musical artists.




If you want to binge listen to a podcast, I would recommend you put this one at the top of your list.  Want to know how to promote/sell/market yourself & your music?  Learn from the best & apply it to your music career.

Your best gift to yourself – besides writing great music – is to learn to channel your inner musicpreneur if you want a sustainable music career.

The Junos

Juno Awards 2021

Every musician knows about the role Music Awards can play in their career. In Canada, The Juno Awards is a coveted prize for Canadian artists.


Juno Award Album cover

Notre-Dame-Des-Septs-Douleurs Klô Pelgag


A lot of people love Music Awards shows – the best of the best songs for the year, the top notch musicians and production, the antics, the outfits, etc.

That’s the stuff we come to expect.  But as I read through the list of nominees, one category caught my eye this time: “Album Artwork of the Year”. This 2021 Juno nominee’s compelling artwork of Klô Pelgag’s “Notre-Dame-Des-Septs-Douleurs” definitely is an eye-catcher.  So much so that I just had to go to YouTube to hear the song.

Visuals!  It’s not only about the sound – it’s about the image, graphic arts, album cover. Those of you who have read previous blogs know that there were specific articles about the importance of working with professional photographers & graphic artists. Creating a strong image is key to captivating new fans.

Juno Awards

If you are sold on the idea, then Award shows like The Junos & The Grammy’s with a category specifically dedicated to good artwork should tell you just how important visuals & images are in a successful music career.

In summary, there is a whole lot of information out there to help you with the business side of your music career.  Look for the elements in your business that are lacking or missing, learn from the pros and apply them like a true musicpreneur.



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