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Today’s blog is based on an article written by Montse Andrée Carty for DIY Musician/cdbaby called “Musician Photo Shoot Tips from a Pro Photographer”.

It’s an insightful interview with famous photographer Josh Telles (Nicole Kidman, Mary J Blight, Ziggy Marley, George Clooney)

Here is the link:  DIY Musician Photo Tips from a Pro


musician photo shoot tips

Lenni Stewart by Al Murack


KEY POINTS: “Musician Photo Shoot Tips from a Pro Photographer”.

  1. good photos are key to a pro promo kit
  2. photos should “feel” like you & express who you are
  3. choose your location carefully
  4. what you wear matters
  5. study images you like and figure out why they appeal to you
  6. know what you will be using the photos for


If A Picture Paints A Thousand Words

Think of a photo that catches your attention – what is it about it that makes you stop to take a look.  You see thousands of images a day and don’t usually pay much attention.

Subsequently, when a photo catches your eye, you focus on it and you spend a bit of time looking at it.  But you don’t just see it, you “feel” it.  It may evoke an emotion or maybe a memory or maybe it’s something you aspire to be or to do.


musician photo shoot tips

Photo by Dave Tugwood Photography


In addition, if you are an artist trying to be noticed among thousands of other artists, you want to create a captivating image to catch people’s attention like the photos that catch yours.


musician photo shoot tips

Photo of Andrew Locke by Dave Tugwood Photography @2021


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So the question then is:  Do you want to advance your music career?  Do you want to play bigger gigs? 

Then it should go without saying:

Do what the pros do: 

  1.  work on your chops til you are the best you can be with your instrument or your voice
  2.  practice, practice, practice then polish, polish, polish
  3.  save up cash to hire professionals for not only your promo photos but for graphic design, your bio, your website, etc.
  4. network, network, network


Once again, here is the link:  DIY Musician Photo Tips from a Pro

You want to play with the best?  Then you need to give it your best. And a photo shoot with a professional photographer should be near the top of your list.



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