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JAMS Canada Vision:  “Helping Musicians Help Themselves”

JAMS Canada Mission:  “Helping Musicians Expand As Musicpreneurs”

The term “Musicpreneur” was coined in 2012 by Jamie Leger and then popularized by Tommy Darker, a London musician/influencer.  Musicpreneur takes DIY musician to another level of creating a sustainable career.

Besides the obvious Musician + Entrepreneur = Musicpreneur,  there are a lot of informative blogs and articles that explain the difference between being a Musicpreneur and being a DIY Musician.

Therefore, instead of re-inventing the wheel, here below is a list of articles + links on the concept of “Muscipreneurship” as well as 5 Top Takeaways.

In conclusion, if you are a musician who is serious about a creating and managing a sustainable music career then you need to clink on the links and read these articles in full.


What Is A Musicpreneur?

Pro Musician Hub



1.  More and more musicians understand that it is now necessary to consider their musical project as a real startup

2. “Musicpreneur” is a versatile musician managing both the artistic and entrepreneurial dimensions

3.  We no longer sell music as we did only 50, 20 or even 10 years ago

4.  Consider using the “Canva Business Model”

5.  The professional musician and 100% DIY is a myth

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Howard Baer, Stand Up Bass Musician/Arranger

3 Differences Between A DIY Musician and a Musicpreneur

Suzanne Paulinski



  1. Musicpreneurs are strategic thinkers, not spammers
  2. Seasoned musicpreneurs better understand the role one release plays in the large picture
  3. They create multiple streams of income
  4. Musicpreneurs know DIY does not mean Do It Alone
  5. Savvy musicpreneurs develop a larger strategy to create engaged super fans

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The Complete Guide to Becoming a Musicpreneur:  Using Networking, Social Media, and Digital Marketing to Enhance Your Career

Dr. Jenny Maclay aka JennyClarinet



  1. Instead of scrolling mindlessly through social media for hours each day, use your time to contribute to the social media world
  2. Use social media to showcase your individual talent and personality
  3. Create memorable content
  4. Attract a larger audience
  5. Don’t be afraid to reach out

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Musicpreneur: The Creative Approach to Making Money in Music

Aaron Bethune



  1. The more people imitate others the less engaging their work becomes
  2. Talent +Experience + Knowledge = Ability
  3. Take information and turn it on its head to find new ways of using it
  4. “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it” – Albert Einstein
  5. It is impossible to do it all and it is imperative to build a team

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3 Things I’m Learning About Being a Musicpreneur

Ashley Danyew



  1. You’re the CEO & the artist
  2. You have to be a little more intentional about managing both roles
  3. It’s OK to pivot
  4. Routines work until they don’t
  5. Embrace minimalism

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Additional Reading





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DGrant Smith:  Tommy Darker On Why Freedom Is The Focus For Success

Carlos Castillo:  The Musicpreneur Mindset




musician support services


JAMS Canada (Jeanette Arsenault Music Services) has set out her mission:  “Helping Musicians Help Themselves” by offering consulting, resources & administrative support services.

Jeanette has over 30 years of experience as a singer/songwriter/performing/recording artist.  She has independently released 8 albums, performed for the Canadian Olympic Team in Salt Lake City (2002) & again in Athens Greece (2004) and also opened the 37th World Congress of the Business & Professional Women International (BPW, 2011) and has produced/organized/performed in numerous benefit concerts/fundraisers/variety shows,

JAMS Canada can help you focus on what you want most – more gigs, more fans, more money.

Find us here on social media:

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