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To Live-Stream or Not To Live-Stream

2021 has arrived and everyone seems to agree on one thing about 2020:  goodbye & good riddance.

Those of us in the music industry look ahead to the New Year with a mix of hopeful expectations.  Additionally with optimistic anticipation and a touch of worrisome trepidation about how live music will roll out in the months to come.

Will there be a new music model?  What will that look like?  Who can help you hit the ground running?

One good resource is the Canadian Live Music Association with their pulse on live music in Canada.  They have spent the past year advocating for the music industry to help find income sources, grants & other resources.  Further, they are strategizing with music industry professionals to help shape what the post-pandemic live music scene will look like.


Where will Live-Streaming fit in 2021?  Live-Streaming will never replace Live Shows but when they were cancelled during the pandemic, they proved to be a hit with fans.


” Live-streaming offers a more intimate &

interactive connection between artists & their fans”


Musicians will want to consider this option as part of their plans for 2021.

Study the Opera world – the Met Opera has been highly successful running live shows simultaneously with Live-streaming in theatres across Canada.  People who could otherwise not attend a live show, have the opportunity to see Opera up close & personal.  It doesn’t take away from ticket sales – it actually enhances ticket sales for those who would or cannot attend a show for various reasons.




The rest of the music world needs to take a closer look at what makes the Met Opera’s formula so successful.  It is true that not everyone can afford the huge production costs of these Opera companies but as the pandemic has proven, people are willing to pay to watch their favourite artist perform in the intimacy of their own home and connect directly with their fans.


“Live-streaming may not be for everybody

because it is a bit of a learning curve”


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Live-streaming means you have to be musician, engineer, videographer plus have the right equipment, good streaming capability, etc.

Do your fans want you to Live-stream?  Ask them!  Do an informal survey on your social media platforms. Ask them if they would watch a Live-Streamed show of their fave artist (or more directly, you)  if they can’t travel to a show?  You might be surprised at how many would and would also be willing to pay for it.


Many artists were quite successful with their Live-streaming concerts – many sold out their online shows.  Canadian artists like Sarah Slean and The Good Lovelies adapted well to this format and their fans proved they wanted more.  Other artists like Ron Sexsmith teamed up with the Niagara Symphony Orchestra for a  collaboration.

Manitoba artist William Prince teamed up with one of our previous contributors Jana Pruden  of the Globe and Mail to present a concert and an interview.

Rural artists have a streaming challenge with somewhat unreliable internet capabilities.  Innovative artists like Instant Rivalry of Prince Edward County Ontario teamed up with Tri-Canadian Energy who supplied them with solar-powered internet for their very successful concert series featuring a variety of Canadian artists.



Hey! Wanna Live-stream?


Check out sites like Side Door Access to see if their Live-streaming model is something you could add to your potential revenue-stream.  Audiences have now experienced Live-streaming and from their comments, they are loving it.

You can also check out Live-streaming concerts sponsored by SOCAN and the Canadian Independent Music Association collaboration with  Kinaxis 

However you want to share your music, may 2021 be a breakthrough year for you.  Deep breath, move forward & shine like the star that you are.




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