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Welcome to the second instalment of Monday #MusicMatters as part of the JAMS Canada PRO Series – “Here’s What I Know”.

We caught up with Don Coleman to get some insights about his work helping musicians advance their music careers:

Why is an artist’s BIO so important?

An artist bio is a business card that needs to send a clear and potent message.

A message that is delivered a specific style that appeals to both music business contacts and fans alike.

First impressions are important and an artist bio is one of the primary first impression elements.

Bios are written in different styles. The bio style must suit the specific artist and their genre.

How does a person or business develop a consistent and appealing brand?

With many artists having multiple platforms online, continuity is one of the most important facets of branding. Having visual appeal, catchy and concise buzz phrases and engaging content are some of the key facets of branding. With important branding layers in place, fans will spend more time focused on you and your music and tell others about you.

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How do I get good gigs in places that make sense for me?

Booking quality gigs is an art form that requires patience, organization, resilience and a gift that requires the ability to connect with people in an honest and caring fashion, so as to build relationships. To acquire bookings also requires talent that is showcased using the proper tools, so as to intrigue the buyer into confirming. Knowing where to book and what venues are the best for your specific act, are also important keys to success.

Is my website delivering my message efficiently and in a powerful manner?

Many websites just don’t live up to their potential. Attention spans are short in today’s marketplace due to input overload, notifications and so many ways to amuse oneself. Making sure that a website keeps viewers interested and engaged is tricky. Creating a website that excites music industry contacts and fans alike is the key to success.

What are the do’s and don’ts of social media?

Social media is a necessary element of being an artist, however how much time on social media is too much time? How does one maximize their successes on social media and take advantage of the positive side of that platform to the best of their ability and in the most efficient manner? Is social media making you money and building real fans who will attend shows, buy music and engage in your brand or simply creating a time consuming dead-zone, with regards to your financial bottom line?

How has COVID – 19 impacted you & what advice do you have for musicians in isolation?

The three factors or rules for all musicians should be:

  1. Take care of the talent
  2. Practice, practice, practice
  3. Obey rules 1 & 2 and bigger things will come.

Due to COVID-19 there is more time to follow the rules and write material. We can also put additional focus on exercise, diet and engage in healthier lifestyle choices. Another interesting part of these unprecedented times are all of the creative ways that events are being put together during the pandemic. These include live streaming, drive-in theatre concerts and online festivals, to name a few. Observing these trends and learning more about them is a good plan, as some of these new ways to deliver performances will remain intact following the pandemic. We must make the glass half-full, so let us be positive and make lemonade out of this gargantuan lemon.



Don Coleman is a music industry consultant, music producer & national booking agent. He is the producer and project manager for the patriotic national song, “This Is My Canada/Mon cher Canada” whose YouTube count is currently over 340,000 views. His YouTube channel has received more than 1,000,000 views. Don brought together Canadian artists for this song whose combined awards include 13 Junos & 6 Grammys. You can view the video here:

LINK TO OFFICIAL VIDEO: This Is My Canada/Mon cher Canada

As singer/songwriter, he has been endorsed by Gordon Lightfoot & recognized by AC/DC. Don is available for one-hour consultations at a special JAMS Canada rate. Email for more information and to reserve your spot.

Facebook: @DonColeman


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