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Consulting, Resources & Administrative Support

Helping Musicians HelpThemselves

JAMS Canada is available for online consulting/brainstorming for musicians who take their music seriously.

Additionally, JAMS Canada can provide a wide array of resource links to help musicians help themselves to build their music business into a sustainable career.

Having over 30+ years experience as a singer/songwriter in the Quinte area, Jeanette Arsenault has many local venue contacts and her goal is to help local musicians not only find gigs, but better paying ones.

Last but not least, JAMS Canada is available to help musicians find the money they need to record, create a great online presence and optimize their social media skills.


JAMS Canada also offers a weekly #MondayMusicMatters JAMS Canada PRO series – “Here’s What I Know” .

This helpful series features music & business professionals sharing their knowledge & expertise in various disciplines including music, graphic arts, project management, recording & engineering, networking, advertising, to name just a few.

As an added feature, you can view all the written responses in our Blog section on this site plus video responses by some of our contributors on our JAMS Canada YouTube Channel. Please subscribe.

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Netflix, Podcasts & The Junos

Netflix, Podcasts & The Junos

   KEYPOINTS Netflix reality shows can teach you about marketing Podcasts can help you learn about effective advertising The Junos remind you about the importance of visuals   What Can Musicians Learn from Netflix, Podcasts & The Junos? Turns out quite a...

Musicpreneur vs DIY Musician

Musicpreneur vs DIY Musician

  MUSICPRENEUR vs DIY Musician   JAMS Canada Vision:  “Helping Musicians Help Themselves” JAMS Canada Mission:  "Helping Musicians Expand As Musicpreneurs" The term “Musicpreneur” was coined in 2012 by Jamie Leger and then popularized by Tommy Darker, a...


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JAMS Canada  is Jeanette Arsenault Music Services and our aim is “Helping Musicians Help Themselves” by providing support services, consulting & resources to musicians.

JAMS Canada was not able to officially launch in April 2020 as planned but in the meantime, we have pivoted to providing resources, links & helpful music/business tips to musicians who are serious about their music career.

Photo by Sarah Kirby
Imagine Photography

About The Founder

Jeanette Arsenault has been active in the Quinte area music scene for over 30 years as a singer-songwriter, recording & performing artist, producer & organizer. She has independently released 8 albums and has a new double children’s album yet to be released.

She has performed nationally including being the VIA Rail Artist on Board and internationally including performing her original music for the Canadian Olympic Team athletes in Salt Lake City (2002), in Athens, Greece (2004) as well as for an International Women’s Congress in Helsinki Finland (2011).

Her patriotic song, “This Is My Canada/Mon cher Canada” , has surpassed 400,000 YouTube views to date.

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